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  • The Violent Years

    The Violent Years


    At the very least, it’s nice after 30 years to know the source of the sample driving Ministry’s song “So What”

  • Ripley's Game

    Ripley's Game


    Two days later and I’m getting angrier about how bad this was. Tom Ripley is an annoying Hannibal-lite in this movie, baking soufflé and garroting mobsters, all while John Malkovich makes this awful smug face. Feels like a PBS movie except with a Malkovich-takes-a-woman-from-behind sex scene

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  • Billy Madison

    Billy Madison


    I don’t have to explain myself to you

  • Humanité



    when somebody who doesn't care for cinema thinks about what a French movie is, what they picture in their head is exactly this movie. Two and a half hours of loosely connected scenes of people staring into the middle distance together mixed with a couple of extreme close-ups of vaginas and one out-of-left-field moment of magical realism.