Phantom of the Megaplex ★★★★★

As someone who has worked and breathed movie theater culture for the last five years (as a regular associate, manager positions, a projectionist, and now in the corporate office) this is one wild ride. It's amazing how accurate half of the movie is, but at the same time, you ask yourself if the screenwriter has ever stepped foot inside a theater.

I was truly enamored by Megaplexes beauty. Disney Channel original movie or not, I can't believe Disney made a film about the magic of the cinema and the life lessons you can learn from going to the pictures (now they're making movies where actors weight train for six months so they can act with a bunch of tennis balls). Phantom of The Megaplex is an enthusiastic reminder to me that working in movie theaters is truly as magical as it appears on the screen. We all could use someone like Movie Mason in our lives<3

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