• The Jerk

    The Jerk


    This is one of those movies that while I was watching it I kept thinking "what the hell is this?" but the second the credits rolled I wanted to start it all over again. I have a feeling this will become a favorite movie upon further rewatches<3

    Shout out to the background actor who takes her glasses off and says "I'm gonna get in touch with this Reiner guy."

  • The Shed

    The Shed


    I actually enjoyed this up until those final 20 minutes. Then it becomes a different movie with a different tone telling a different message. It ruined the entire thing.

  • Host



    Absolutely fantastic. Watched on my laptop for full effect. Then had to sit and watch some YouTube videos with all the lights on after it ended because it spooked me that good.

  • Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship


    It's an homage to an old-school, traditional type of old Hollywood ghost stories. I loved every second. Fascinating, spooky, hilarious. I loved each character and everything they brought to the film. It's another relic of early-2000's filmmaking that is wholly unique to the time period. I liked it significantly more than Beck's previous film, but Ghost Ship helped me retroactively enjoy Thir13en Ghosts more. Thank goodness he worked with a new editor for this one. Beck keeps his style intact,…

  • I Eat Your Skin

    I Eat Your Skin


    When I sat down to watch this included feature on my Grindhouse Releasing blu-ray of I Drink Your Blood, it was quite the surprise to discover it was a James Bond rip-off! Imagine 007 flying to a remote island where voo-doo is practiced to solve a mystery of walking dead, and you've got I Eat Your Skin.

    < !-- In fact, the score by Lon E. Norman takes musical cues from the Bond theme by Monty Norman (no , they're not…

  • Thir13en Ghosts

    Thir13en Ghosts


    The film looks incredibly unique, with beautiful production design that's oozing with style. The 13 ghosts in the film have some top-notch make-up work from the early 2000's, some of the best I've ever witnessed. But the films biggest detriment is it's editing, which gave me a pounding headache.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    This movie is pure shit and it blows my mind that it holds up after all these years <3 Happy 30th Anniversary dudes and dudettes.

  • Monsieur Verdoux

    Monsieur Verdoux


    Watched on Turner Classic Movies with grandma & grandpa. It’s a beautiful day :’)

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master


    I'm enjoying the time spent with high schoolers, following their teenage antics and youthful drama, but I'm completely bored with Freddy and his stupid dream stuff. There's a shot in this movie when a kid sprints full speed down the school hallway in a trench coat and it made me genuinely guffaw. I'll be continuing the series, but honestly I'm not itching to get to the next one. This franchise just isn't for me.

  • Arachnophobia



    Released on July 18th, 1990. Happy 30th Anniversary Arachnophobia<3

    Recently I've been watching movies from my childhood to see how they hold up and how I feel about them as an adult. For me, Arachnophobia is up there with the good ones. It has aged very well. Not a fantastic movie, but it's oozing with charm and spooky fun. Spielberg really had something going for Amblin Entertainment in the 80's and 90's. I'll always recommend this movie.

  • The Peanut Butter Solution

    The Peanut Butter Solution


    I watched this movie last week. I wouldn't have been able to sleep until I bought the blu-ray, so the very next day I went out and got it. I watched all the bonus features that night, then watched the film again the next day. I cannot get enough of this movie.

    The first day I watched it, I enjoyed it of course, but seeing it a second time was a dream. I was filled with so much excitement. Knowing…

  • The Beach House

    The Beach House


    There's a brief two minutes of body horror that's enjoyable, but the rest of the movie is a boring slog.