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  • The Gentlemen


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  • Christmas in the Heartland

    Christmas in the Heartland


    That plane montage was the moment I knew that clicking play on Netflix was one of the best decisions I'd made all year.

  • Christmas Wedding Planner

    Christmas Wedding Planner


    So the presence of Sharl links this movie directly to Christmas with a View (the character is in both films), which means that they exist in the same cinematic universe.

    But this is where it gets weird, the waiter in this movie is played by the same actor who plays the inimitable Clive, the city planner, in Christmas with a View.

    So is Clive, Clive or is Clive, Marty the waiter? Both? And, perhaps most importantly, why is Clive lying to Bonnie? The Clive suspicions mount and the the mind reels...