BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

So today I met Adam Driver's biological father. He works at a Office Depot nearby and my dad recognized him because he used to go see all of Adam's movies at the movie theater my dad used to work at. My dad used to always give him any type of merchandise the theater got with Adam's face on it for free since the movie studios apparently never gave him shit. 

We talked for like a solid 10 minutes or so about Adam and specifically the Gucci movie. Apparently Lady Gaga is extremely down to Earth. He also talked about some scenes that were filmed this week but like... idk what he was supposed to tell me and not so I'm gonna be quiet about that part so he and/or Adam don't get in trouble. I may never meet the actual Adam Driver, but I met the man that created him and that's close enough.

And of course Blackkkansman is good. Come on. I picked this of all his movies because it was the first one I ever saw him in (I'm not a Star Wars fan)

Picture of me with Mr. Driver

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