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  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    This will more than likely be in my top 10 films of the year. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t in my top 5. I loved pretty much everything about this. Violent, funny, absorbing, and unexpectedly emotional. I REALLY can’t wait to see this again. It’s a movie that has some unexpected surprises for sure, but the real strength of this movie is how much I was actually invested in the characters. 

    Standouts were Cynthia Erivo and Lewis Pullman. Everyone is great in this, but they totally stole the show. 

    Why isn’t this available to buy yet?!

  • Apostle



    This was kind of right up my alley. It’s a bit too long and the story gets a bit messy in the second half, but the sheer ambition of this thing is something to behold. It’s not an easy watch due to the incredibly gory second half and the almost unbearable amount of tension, but Gareth Evan’s amazing direction and Dan Stevens performance always kept me riveted.

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story



    What a beautiful piece of filmmaking. This felt like a meditation on death, love, grief, and time and I was completely mesmerized by it. I was stunned at how emotional this film made me. This might be my favorite movie of the year so far. 


  • Live Free or Die Hard

    Live Free or Die Hard


    Yes, there are some truly outrageous things that happen in this movie. However, despite those things and some really iffy spots of editing, I still think this movie is a ton of fun and better than people give it credit for. The practical stunts and set pieces are mostly fun and exciting and Bruce Willis actually looks like he came to play and is still very much acting like  John McClane in this film. The humor, for the most part,…