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This review may contain spoilers.

I’ll be honest, I kept it together all the way until Happy Hogan told Tony’s daughter that she could have all the cheeseburgers she wanted. There was something about that which just broke me - Happy and Tony’s relationship was maybe the closest Tony had aside from Pepper Potts, and knowing that Happy most like would have to be the surrogate father figure in his absence and that he’ll keep his friend’s memory alive and be strong for both him and his daughter really touched me. Plus, y’know, full circle from the first Iron Man.

Endgame knows how hard it is to say goodbye, so it makes sure that each and every last one is as perfect and fitting as it can possibly be. It only hurts to watch it because of how real the losses and the farewells feel. In terms of explorations of grief and the mourning process, Endgame is an iceberg of a film, with layer upon layer of the stages of grief woven through every scene. It’s something truly remarkable that the most humanising and mortal emotional experience is shown as it truly is whilst also being shown as a catalyst for the truly heroic actions of the film.

I can’t wait to go again, cry again, and feel all the feelings and more all over again. Three hours flies by in the company of friends, and the Avengers have been friends of mine for a long time now.

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