Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

31 Nights of Horror Vol. III - 2020

#02 - Ready or Not (2019)

Grace: Fucking rich people!

Certainly holds up on a rewatch and absolutely will be an annual must for me. I think Ready or Not is easily one of the most fun horror films that’s been released in the last couple of decades, and that’s down to a trifecta of terrific creative decisions.

1. Samara Weaving being cast as lead Grace. She’s so fucking cool, so fucking fierce, so fucking hot, and so fucking iconic from what she says to what she wears to how she walks to how she wields a shotgun - I still think she’s the real reason behind the film’s final shot being one of the most iconic in modern horror cinema. God what I’d give to be a cigarette hanging from Weaving’s perfect mouth, sheesh!

2. The concept. It’s simple to the point of sheer silliness - a family who made their fortune in games out of superstition decide to play one with every new addition made to their family’s dominion. If it lands on Hide and Seek, it’s a fight for survival as the super rich, super psychotic Le Domas clan hunt down their prey with knives, crossbows, guns, axes, and all manner of weaponry. It’s daft, but it’s easy to understand, and with a cast who are so game (pun intended) for a good time, it’s just riotous fun from beginning to end.

3. Aesthetics. The almost sepia colour grade, the opulent Gothic family home with secret passages and hanging skulls and grand armouries, the costumes, the gore fx, the symbolism and superstitious antiquities. It all just looks so enticing, like the ultimate location for a murder mystery night and the sum total of all the best bits of decades of books and films and art depicting bourgeois degeneracy at its most disgustingly lavish and excessive.

This is just such a great film from top to bottom, from back to front, and in Samara Weaving’s Grace we have found another badass woman to lead the line for the ladies of horror. She’s just an absolute goddamn dream. I think I’m a little bit (a lot) in love with her.

Until next year, Ready or Not, here I come!

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