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  • Oppenheimer
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • Interstellar
  • Persona

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  • August 32nd on Earth

    August 32nd on Earth


    Just watched Denis Villeneuve's August 32nd on Earth and though his direction is undeniably impressive, I found myself grappling with the film's intricate plot. While the complexity adds depth, it occasionally feels like a puzzle with a few too many missing pieces, leaving me wishing for a more straightforward narrative at times

  • Italianamerican



    Really liked this and it was so interesting hearing martins family for the first time as I hadn’t seen them before

Popular reviews

  • Killers of the Flower Moon

    Killers of the Flower Moon


    Just had my second rewatch of this and I liked it even more than what I did the first time around. Martin Scorsese is arguably one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and in this I can tell that he put so much of his energy and craft into making something that was authentic and respectful to the Osage people, what separates Scorsese from a lot of filmmakers is his exploration of the human condition and in this it’s…

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    Just witnessed The Seventh Seal and Bergman's brilliance once again shines through. The film's introspective journey, intertwined with stark medieval imagery creates an atmospheric masterpiece. The existential dialogue and profound symbolism invite contemplation making it more than just a film—it's a philosophical exploration. The cinematography's stark beauty and the haunting presence of Death makes this a cinematic gem 🩶