Tenet ★★★½

"don't understand it, feel it" was definitely the vibe for this ... experience.
watching this movie was a marathon-not-sprint effort. required many intermissions, partially bc my attention span has been superfucked from doomscrolling social media every day for the past nine months. partially because i had to keep rewinding the movie to understand the dialogue i missed over a loud soundtrack or the director's penchant for putting the characters in masks. and its far too long to make a rewatch worthwhile so I definitely would've just hated it had i watched it in a theater in one go.

despite the length, would i say it was bloated? no. i loved every bit of story my chicken brain could parse. i left my heart with Inception and Tenet is very Inception-esque. it kind of feels like the movie started with tied ends that unravelled by the end though. i don't know if i'm confused, and i'm not sure if i want more questions answered. ugh. my head hurts.

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