Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★★

I’ve gotten to the point where I want to see most of what Elijah Wood is a part of in film, whether it’s acting or producing. He’s always making weird and wonderful stuff, the kind of thing I wanna get my eyeballs on. This flick fits that bill perfectly and I’d say go into it knowing as little as possible. I saw the movie poster and was sold. 

Great flick for a first time director. There’s a few beach shots that are just to die for. Additionally I’d love to live in that weird fucking 60’s UFO house for a month, what a weird place and awesome set for a flick. 

I liked the dialogue in this. It was just slightly askew and every character was a little quirky. Just strange enough that it wasn’t annoying. 

Good shit. Great for VOD. I’m finding out that VOD rentals seem to be where the cool shit is heading these days. 

4 raisin eyes out of 5

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