Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky ★★★

Pretty good stuff. A bit of a step back after Curse, but certainly better than Seed & Part 3. I like the setting and think they had a few interesting moments. Bringing back Andy is certainly the highlight for me, especially him keeping the Chucky head locked up air tight. Occasionally breaking him out to smoke some weed with and torture. Odd shit, but I dig it. I hope and future sequel has Andy as a main character. 

When I first heard this title I was really hoping it would be a cult of people worshiping and aiding Chucky. I’d still kinda like to see that. What we got was a multiple Chucky bit. That really was a bit much for me. I don’t want Chucky to turn into the Gremlins or Critters. One is some how scarier. 

Still good fun and a return of the great Jennifer Tilly. Would recommend if you dig the series. 

3 wheelchair fucks out of 5

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