Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★

I’ve seen this title and had it sitting on my watchlist for many years. Never had I noticed that it stars Tom Atkins & Bruce Campbell and is produced & written by Larry Cohen. Had I realized all this, I would have watched it much sooner. So many things I love in one package. 

What can I say about this flick. It’s just a ton of bonkers fun. It’s pretty off the wall from the get-go and sets a serious yet silly tone from moment one. I did like that they set you up to think that Campbell’s character is the maniac for the first half hour of the flick. 

Although this flick is quite silly, there is a few moments of police brutality, corruption and ignorance that feels quite timely. 

A great watch. I’d recommend paring it with a Strawberry-Shortcake Kush.

4 Atkins mustaches out of 5

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