Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil ★★★★

An atmospheric, art-house, moody, dusty-gem of a flick. Seriously, this just oozes style out of every pore. This is an old film that has truly creepy moments and I rarely get the creeps anymore. The film somehow maintains it's beauty even when it gets mean and dirty.

There are a few scenes that really elevate this film. Particularly, the movie-theater, grocery-store and gas-station/truck-driver scenes. I was really enthralled by these moments and blown away that this was made in 1973. There are a few quick cuts to dark figures in windows at these moments and they are creepy as fuck.

The music in this is also quite ahead of its time. It's got some great early synth. It's carries melodies and does that weird burbbly sound that only a synthesizer can do. There's also some slick organ mixed in and lately I'm all in on chill organ sounds. Good stuff, I'll probably go on the hunt for a physical version of the soundtrack.

This is one of those flicks I wouldn't know exists if not for the folks I follow here on Letterboxd. Thank you kind people with your great reviews and suggestions.

4 chain link swing beds out of 5

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