Midsommar ★★

Ari Aster is the king of making me feel unsettled. This guy really knows how to disturb folks and make them dwell on a film long after the credits roll. Even though I did not enjoy this film, it's not particularly bad, it just isn't for me. In fact it's shot really beautifully and Florence Pugh's (Dani) acting was superb.

The story is my main beef with this film. It's a quite basic cult story with a few gruesome parts. I felt like I was missing something or too dumb to put the story together, but after piecing the flick together, I felt like I grasped everything put in front of me. Dani finds a new family and comfort in this cult she was brought to, her friends not so much.

The foreshadowing and symbolism in this seems obvious. The loss of family and the future deaths that would come to the Americans all are seen in some form or fashion through wall paintings or background scenery. Hereditary (which I love) did such a wonderful job laying everything in front of you without giving you the obvious. I know I shouldn't compare, but I can't help it.

As a plus the psychedelic scenes were captured perfectly. The way nature moved and flows was so naturalistic. It may have been some of the best looking drug scenes ever shot. The location was also gorgeous and gave you something wonderful to look at.

I'm not baffled by all the really high scores I am seeing this get on Letterboxd, I just wish I saw what everybody else is seeing.

2 pube pies & red juice out of 5

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