Slugs ★★★

Slugs are simple and Slugs are straight
Slugs are lazy and Slugs are late
Slugs all come with points of view
Slugs don't do what I want them to
Slugs just twist the truth around
Slugs are living turned inside out
Slugs are getting the best of them
Slugs are nothing on the face of things
Slugs don't stain the furniture
Slugs go out and slam the door
Slugs are written all over your face
Slugs continue to change their shape

Quarantine is getting so wild, it’s got me putting movie titles into Talking Heads lyrics for no reason. I’m still waiting...

Seriously, way better than a slug-fest should ever be. A lot of dumb fun and good gore. Of course this is from the brilliant mind that brought us Pieces.

3 lettuce head slugs out of 5

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