The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★

The Strangers : Prey at Night is a cool take on the slasher genre, if you go in with out big expectations. There's nothing here in this movie that sets it apart from the rest of the genre but it has some great nods to other films and has a few very memorable scenes. The original soundtrack was reminiscent of The Fog ( one of my favorite OSTs) and the use of synth-pop during the kill scenes was different, especially when Bag Head (or whatever you wanna call him) made sure to tune the radio to some synthy sounds for his in the car kill. The truck scenes all stood out to me and gave me some Christine vibes.
That pool scene was so terrific, if the rest of the film carried the highs of that one scene I would add another star to this trashy B-movie. 4 neon lit axe swings out of 5.

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