The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★½

I partook in some “kosher kush” vape pen oil and decided to give this the ol’ rewatch since it’s on prime, I loved it the first go round and I was quite stoned. When I get baked like a potatoe, I usually like a rewatch, so I can just focus on the sights and sounds (not that this has much of a story). 

It’s still in my opinion, a very good slasher movie. It takes 30ish minutes to get there but when it does, it’s everything I want from something like this. If you take out the family drama and just focus on this as a stylistic bloody mess, it can be a great experience. From the moment the car wreck happens, which was filmed in a really awesome way inside the truck, you get a high tension game of cat and mouse. 

I’m a big fan of modern synth-wave music, so I obviously dig the sounds going on here. The original songs are quite good and still give me vibes of John Carpenters The Fog. The use of synth-pop during murder scenes and the split second stop at the start of the film elevate this movie up a notch for me.

There’s an A+ slasher buried in the second half of this flick but the beginning is a bit of a cheesy slog. If you can get past it, do so. If you make it you are treated to amazing scenes of trucks on fire, neon pools and excellent revenge.

I also think an empty trailer park is a genius setting for a slasher movie. It allows the scares to sprawl out in a unique way. 

Bumping up my score!
4 1/2 what’s a queef?? Out of 5

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