The Thing ★★★★★

A Science-fiction, body horror, timeless, MASTERPIECE. I can not get enough of this movie. I already want to watch it again and that is a very rare feeling for me. I bought the Scream Factory blu-ray and am loving every bit of this restoration and all the glorious extras. Just buying movies again is something I've been enjoying. I really like to support a piece of art that means a lot to me.

I know Ennio Morricone did the original score and is credited as such. There are times though where the pulsating score is pure Carpenter and I couldn't help but assume he wrote some music for this. While watching an extra, Carpenter admits to writing some music, I was pleased to hear this because I just love his scores. Regardless this music has so much depth and really keeps you on edge.

The gooey and shiny practical effects make this movie timeless. It still looks more impressive to me than any other gore filled movie. The lighting is equally important to, giving these nasty bastards the look they deserve.

I personally believe Childs is infected by the thing at the end of the film. I just have to think after MacReady offers him a drink and then has a good laugh, he just knows that paranoid Childs wouldn't just take a fast swig without a second thought.

Just a top notch flick! It's all amazing as you probably know.

5 Norwegian warnings out of 5

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