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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    I love Carey Mulligan and she is 100% of the reason for my rating. Everything else is so hamfisted and confused that it fails to be truly subversive.

  • Scenes from a Marriage

    Scenes from a Marriage


    Just incredible. I had a certain idea of what I expected this to be, a drawn out look at a marriage dissolving, neither side entirely at fault and nothing quite dooming anything on its own. I was genuinely surprised by how this played out.

    Look, I'm certainly not the first to talk about Liv Ullman's face, but my god. The cringe, the smile, her hand pulling off her glasses and then not sure where to rest. Her eyes resisting the…

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  • Emerald


    It's amazing we don't choke given how full of souls the air has become

  • Beuys



    Josef Beuys was a really interesting artist. It's fun to listen to him, to watch what he does, to look through photos of his works. That's why this doc is watchable. It's not, however, better than randomly hopping through Beuys videos on YouTube, or reading his wikipedia page. The documentary doesn't seem to have a thesis beyond "Beuys was strange, he ruffled feathers, he had some personal problems." It's disjointed, doesn't take any firm stances on anything, and is weak stylistically. Good subject, pretty bad movie.