Inherent Vice ★★★★★

I'm not sure what to say about this dream of a film. Has it climbed it's way to the top of my ranked list for PTA? It has for now. I know, I'm more shocked that you are. This film, more than any other in his catalog, I could rewatch immediately after the credits roll. Here are just some random thoughts:

1) Easily one of my favorite scores. Greenwood is at the top of his game, and sets the pensive, eerie mood right from the start.

2) Best intro and outro song combination of all time. Vitamin C by Can ---> Any Day Now by Chuck Jackson.

3) Like I've told everyone, this movie is not concerned with plot. As the cases pile up for Doc, and the movie keeps spinning you around, you can't get paranoid (that's what the man wants you to feel). You just gotta enjoy the ride. Plot can seep in with repeated viewings.

4) This movie looks SO GOOD. My hat's off to Robert Elswit for creating a dreaming, hazy, smoke filled experience.

5) I just can't believe Joaquin Phoenix in this, after seeing him in The Master only a couple years prior (and also Her a year prior). Hard to find a better trilogy of movies for an actor at the height of his talents.