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    The watching a computer desktop gimmick is great, and this film is best when it's doing that. Problem is it's still making any possible excuse to make things video and it ends up being more of a footage montage. When that happens, the conceit that we are sharing someone's viewpoint collapses.

    It's exciting when it works, though. Storytelling through the placement of desktop windows.

  • Climax



    After that first dance number I just assumed the films climax would be a full on orgy as Busby Berkeley number with 90s dance music. So I felt kinda let down. But loved everything up to the lights going out. The otherworldly fluidity of it all.

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  • Axolotl Overkill

    Axolotl Overkill


    I was expecting more axolotls.

    Enjoyed watching that quite a bit. Couldn't make a whole lot of sense from it, but surprisingly I don't too much mind. Great texture here, moment to moment. Scenes that convey.

  • 1%



    Another round of Bronze Age cliches, this time in Australian suburbia with motorbikes and leather. But it's put together well enough, moves at a decent pace, and has Aaron Pedersen in, so there's that.