Booksmart ★★★½

I was anxious to see this because of the comparisons ppl have made to Superbad, and that film is pure garbage, but luckily, Superbad this is not.

Olivia Wilde has crafted a very funny, and very heartfelt coming of age story, that occasionally stumbles on cliches and forced conflict, but for the most part is believable and enjoyable. Booksmart is well-shot, with a few stand out performances, and a handful of B o p s !

I really, really enjoyed this.

The biggest turn-off for me was that this film was one Amy Poehler cameo away from being disgustingly white feminist. The whole ideology pollutes a lot of the, otherwise strong, dialogue, reeking of privilege that distances the film from being wholly relatable or even likeable at times.

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