Burning ★★½

Formally flawless - but, for me, this feels like quite a pointless and unengaging film.

This is coming from quite a personal POV so this review should be disregarded immediately.

Why adapt 'Barn Burning', a fairly unremarkable Murakami short story? Why pad it out with an (admittedly fun) game of Murakami bingo?
Drink for: Pasta, missing cats, fairy women and jaded rich men magically coming into the life of the main character, socially competent loner, writer, beer, whisky, circumstances forcing the character to take on some obligation in a rural location, wells, jazz, loose-noir tropes, disappearance, recurrent metaphors, American cultural influences, lack of resolution.

Fine. But why not use what makes Murakami interesting? Can someone adapt one of his strange, metaphysical, mundane, surreal adventures? Why do we only get the mundane? I'm sick of it.

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