Cry Macho

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This review may contain spoilers.

Cry Macho 9/18
* This has been one of those hyped movies because of Clint Eastwood who at age 91 is directing and starts in this film. I am watching this on HBO Max through HBO Max Same Day Premieres. I was never a huge Clint fan but I plan to revisit some of his older films eventually. I am just not a big fan of westerns. 
* The whole first ten minutes are pretty much in the trailer. Clint Eastwood is just so old compared to everyone. Other than Rafo’s mother everything else is so familiar due to large amount of times I have seen the trailers. 
* The film becomes a buddy western with a grandfather-son relationship with a lot of old man jokes towards Rafo’s character. 
* The film turns from them on the run to Eastwood becoming a village vet and gets in a relationship with a local restaurateur. The rooster makes for an interesting companion animal and the amount of Spanish in this film is surprising. 
* Overall this film just an an extremely average film for me. There are some awkward moments but Clint Eastwood should be lauded for his continued work on both sides of the camera. The ending was probably one of my favorite aspects and portrays Eastwood giving the lesson of the film. I do congratulate it for the amount of Spanish we get in the film, and loved the Western in Mexico by an old American cowboy. This film has a bunch of flaws but isn’t awful and worth a try if you like these kind of films. 2 1/2 to 3 stars.