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This review may contain spoilers.

Long Weekend (2021) 9/29
* This was a 99 cent rental on AppleTV+ that was about to expire so I decided to turn it on. I recognize Finn Wittrock from American Horror Story and La La Land (2016). Don’t know much other than it seems like a small scale rom com. 
* This seems like a very chill romcom between two actors who aren’t typically the leads. Zoe Chao got on my radar from two comedies last year and has a fun vibe on film. Lots of use of the word buddy.
* We get a sad lonely day at the theater that transitions into a whirlwind meet cute/first date that includes Chao’s character being very mysteriously while Whittrock falls head over heels for her.
* Uncle Bart got laid is one of the funnier little moments in a movie I have seen. The twist at the end of their next date is really throwing me off. Like I don’t know to believe it or not. The main character struggles to figure out if its the truth or not.
* We get another twist fake out that completely changes where the film is going. It almost confirms what we are told throughout while faking us out for the last 20 minutes. It worked and I knew that photo booth picture was gonna come back into play eventually. Pirates winning big in the 20’s was a lie though.
* Overall, this was a decent romcom that while played around with some grand ideas and concepts was down to earth and mysterious in satisfying ways. I liked both leads more than I did before the film and wasn’t bored. The twists were interesting and always had me on my toes and I left the film wanting more but also feeling like the story was settled. 3 stars.