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  • Milk



    On the shoulders of Sean Penn. Accolades richly deserved.

  • Evolution



    Like in the same vein as Jonathan Glazer’s haunting 2013 feature, Under The Skin, Evolution is short on dialogue and long on mystery and suspense. The underwater and seaside shots, as well as the eerie lighting, are beautiful and remind me of an alt-version of the sun-kissed vistas in the 2014 horror movie Spring.

    You have absolutely no idea where this movie is going and, to be honest, at the end, you still aren’t really sure quite what has taken…

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  • Whiplash



    Did Andrew purposely lose Tanner's folder? We may never know...

  • I Declare War

    I Declare War


    This movie is criminally underseen. Devoting 91 minutes to an involved game of capture the flag, you'll be sweating out the count of ten steamboats as kids' fantasy catches up with jealousy, betrayal, and young emotions. This is the kind of movie The Hunger Games wanted to be, and the violence isn't even supposed to be real.