Everybody Wants Some!! ★★★★½

Who needs a Delorean when you have Richard Linklater.

Everybody Wants Some!! is the latest installment on his illustrious career, and I'm not afraid to say that's right up there alongside what could be considered his best.

I liked Boyhood. Didn't love it or hated it like some people did. Thought it had some moments of brilliance, but overall was a pretty dull experience, at least for me. Everybody Wants Some!! on the other hand is a funny, clever and charismatic journey. Can't wait to revisit it countless times at the theater, and at home. Pretty sure it will become one of my favorites as the years go by.

The cast is terrific. Most of them came out of nowhere, but Blake Jenner is the real star. He steals the show, and I'm pretty sure Hollywood is already knocking on his door asking him to be the star of an upcoming franchise. No wonder he was on the shortlist for Han Solo he definitely has charisma and that suave.

I absolutely loved the soundtrack, being a sucker for old school rock that shouldn't come as a surprise. Hearing Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, ZZ Top, and Pink Floyd on the big screen was amazing.

In the end Everybody Wants Some!! was an amazing ride, and one of 2016 best films. It has it all! Don't miss it!

Everybody Wants Some!! gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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