Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★½

When I first watched this I hated it, and even considered it to be one of Spielberg’s worst movies, but now I kind of love it? The opening sequence is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a Spielberg directed James Bond movie, and it’s one of the best scenes in the whole franchise. I also think this is one of Spielberg’s funniest movies, which is shocking to see, especially since this might also be his darkest film yet. The heart ripping scene, and really all the scenes in the temple, are brutal as fuck. I really loved all the slapstick comedy throughout too, the bridge scene is what really does it best, especially since it’s in such sharp contrast to all the people being eaten alive by alligators. Shortround is great, and I didn’t actually find him to be annoying unlike Willie, “you call him doctor Jones” got a good laugh out of me consistently. Willie is extremely annoying, but the scene in the Jungle is hilarious, didn’t hate her as much this viewing. I can see this becoming a yearly rewatch for me, it’s so damn fun.

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