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  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    It's hard to think of a film that balances charm and emotional impact better than Children of Men. In fact, it's hard to think of a sci-fi film with better characterisation and casting. Clive Owen is perfect for the hesitant protagonist/hero, and his narrative arc is built so effectively.

    Obviously the long takes and tracking shots have been talked about before, but there's a reason for that: they're staged brilliantly, with every detail thought out and blocked perfectly. It's a…

  • Icarus



    When Fogel asks "What are you going to do now?" and Rodchenkov replies "Start writing the book," it is very telling. This doc is the book cashing in on what's in the news, it's "Pokemon Go to the polls," and it's Damien Chazelle hiring Josh Singer to write his next film.

    In perfect documentarian style, Fogel captures the audience's attention with "Super Steroid Me," presents a quirky and endearing character victimized by circumstances outside of his control, and creates an…

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  • Dune


    Patrick Steward holding a pug and charging into battle is the bluntest conceivable example of Lynchian style.

  • 1917



    Impeccable production design, brilliantly staged. Mendes puts so much drama into every frame of this.

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