Did not know this show was on here, so now you all get to hear my little story that I posted on my twitter.

But before I get into that let me just say that this was a great series that truly elevates the label of "television." It's masterfully done, and definitely my favorite work from Alex Garland.

Re:twitter story, back in September of 2019 I wrote a little short film script called Mere Anarchy, which is a reference to the W.B. Yeats poem, 'The Second Coming.' The script dealt with how an omniscient computer system would effectively defeat the purpose of time.

Cut to quarantine, April 2020. Alex Garland has a new show and the more I watch it the more I realize how thematically similar it was to my little idea. Today the final episode dropped and it opens with the character of Stewart quoting lines from 'The Second Coming.'

Now, I'm not complaining; I simply will have to make some changes if I ever decide to shoot Anarchy - Devs explores its themes with much more depth and craft than my 15-page script would have been able to anyway. Moral of the story: don't sleep on your ideas or they may get turned into an 8-part FX-on-Hulu series by one of the greatest living science fiction directors.