Scream ★★★½

"I'm Sidney Prescott, off course I carry a gun".

Without going into spoilers I really enjoyed Scream 5. It took the same direction as David Gordon Green's Halloween (2018) where they ignored everything that happened in the sequels. The opening movie is basically the same to every Scream movie where it always starts with the phone call with Ghostface and their victim. The splatter and gore didn't bother me at all and I really enjoyed the death scenes.

Neve Campbell returns as Sidney Prescott the problem that I had with her character is that she didn't appear as much, it was to the end of the movie in the hospital where we seen her character more because of the fight scenes between her and Ghostface.

David Arquette returns as Dewey and Courtney Cox returns as Gail Weathers and the two of them had really good scenes together with a couple of exceptions.

Scream (2022) isn't the best Scream movie of a time but it's really entertaining. Overall enjoyable.

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