Tenet ★★★★★

"That part is a little dramatic".

WOW!...I am lost for words right now.Holy Shit was this Amazing or what?.so this was my first theater experience since Lockdown back in March and I was glad to be back.I understand why people were confused by the whole storyline on which scenes were fowards and backwards.It really did reminded of Memento but instead of explosions and espinoge.The Characters in this were interesting that's all I have to say,like other Nolan films your not introduced to those characters like maybe halfway through the film,like Inception your introduced by Cobb/leonardo Dicaprio A thief who enters into a Business man's mind to steal secrets and interstellar your introduced to Copper a pilot and a farmer who travels to space to find hope for mankind and the relationship between his daughter Murph.In Tenet it's time-inter-verst which means people running fowards and backwards and buildings exploding.I am really happy that this came to theaters during a global pandemic because I thought it could be postponed till next year and I think that Nolan and other filmmakers are wanting audience members like myself to go to the theater and watch a film and enjoy the experience that we all know and love,because last year when OUATIH came out Tarantino wanted People to see his films in 35mm and Nolan with IMAX. I'm hoping this makes more money at the box office this weekend and hope everyone enjoys it.llarevo gnizamA.

Did you get the Pun?.

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