Maudie ★★½

Featuring Sally Hawkins in one of the best performances of the year, 'Maudie' is slow-paced, uneven biopic that feels like it only skims the surface of its lead characters life.

'Maudie' has some glaring pacing issues. It feels 20 minutes too long, and has some scenes that just don't feel necessary. Other characters are shoehorned into the plot, when it would have been just fine focusing solely on Sally Hawkins.

Ethan Hawke does a good job playing, frankly, an unlikable character. Kari Matchett is the best of the supporting cast though.

I had high expectations for this, and was let down in the end. It's a sub-standard biopic with an incredible lead performance, the rest of the movie just doesn't shine as bright as Hawkins does.