Waves ★★★

Definitely not a bad film by any means, but certainly a misguided films in terms of it's message and how far it reaches to come to that message.

Taylor Russell is gonna be a fucking star though. Her and Kelvin Harrison Jr. are no doubt going to be the next big thing, and I just wanna get ahead of everyone on that. Sterling K. Brown is equally as good as a dad trying his best to run a tight knit family when everything is seemingly pushing against him.

On a technical level, this film is great. The vibrantly colored cinematography combined with the killer soundtrack, this certainly goes down easy visually.

But narratively, it flounders. It's not so much I disagree with what it's trying to say, it's just how it decides to come about it all. The events of the first half of the story just don't work, and then we're forced into the emotional reckoning we have to go through in the final 15 minutes or so, it's just, weird. It didn't work for me at all. I felt this could've been an interesting take on toxic masculinity, but it never really amounts to anything.