The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Oh Yorgos.... 

At the end of each of his films, I always marvel at how a Greek tragedy has befallen one or more of the characters, and marvel then, stupidly, at the re-realization that Yorgos is duh, totally Greek. What I love about his style is the deadpan black comedy, and the general uneasiness in tone. It’s not at all contrived though. 

Olivia Colman deserves best actress. Stellar performances from all three leads. 

This film is so intensely Baroque. Intricate, ornate, expansive, gorgeous. But also bold about the fucking, puking, bleeding, and shitting that even a powdered wig can’t deny. 

Reading the pieces in the credits was a treat too. There’s a Vivaldi piece called “Il Favoriti” that was performed.

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