Atlas Shrugged: Part III

Atlas Shrugged: Part III ½

The finale that doesn’t actually complete any plot lines. Unequivocally the weakest of the 3. The first and second movies don’t even mater, the narrator in the opening credits for this movie was more entertaining and informative than those other two. 

New cast again
Dagny: Best one so far
Metal man: ??? Where did he go
Mexican ore guy: major down grade
Jimbo taggart: about the same but no longer sounds like Ben Shapiro

There is no closure for anyone
Metal Man? His story didn’t mater.
Science nerd how works on engine? Who cares there’s another engine. 
The guy Dagny shot? Disappears entirely.
Jimmy T: he just evil now I guess?

This film convinced me that Ayn Rand has never had a real conversation. The bad guys plan is more thought out and way better than the good guys.

This movie series sounds like it was written by an out of touch libertarians dad who’s 7th grade child asked them to write an economics essay for them.