Baby Driver

Oh come on!

The whole time I actually thought that tape read “WOW” because It’s spelled Mum over here. This movie IS wow.     
How many music coincidences are in this movie? There is literally a guy playing brass on the street that matches the brass in his headphones music. People are cartoons in this film. People shoot guns with less effort than shooting a water pistol . 
Take your fu%#ing sunglasses off inside, you look like a dick.     
Expecting people to call you Baby is total cringe. He should be called SuperBaby; he just jumps OVER cars standing still with no effort, amongst many other super- human abilities. 
 We are meant to empathise with “Baby”? Remember that JD guy? Baby didn’t care about him.
 Superbaby had it comin. 
This was the worst. Did you ever watch the English Patient episode of Seinfeld? No? Google it, I am a modern day Elaine. You may relate. 
Why does everyone like this? 
Keven Spacey sits in pitch black darkness in a warehouse waiting to intimidate and surprise  his workers when they turn the lights on like a cartoon. Yes I’ve said cartoon 3 times now.
 People die like I imagine they do in Rambo. This is not Rambo. 

I had a similar tragedy happen to me when I was a kid and music got me through and helped block out the memories. And I still hate this film. Maybe in the subterranean particles of my brain this is why I hate it, because I relate to it but I don’t relate to it. It’s like the twilight zone man. 

1 Star for the Mike Myers joke and the mall chase scene. 

But give me a break.

Wah Wah.