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Joshua Fialkov


Television writer, occasional podcaster, full time horror obsessive.

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  • The Power

    The Power


    Not a fair comparison but it suffers a bit in comparison to St. Maude. The twist is fairly obvious from the jump but the structure is unique and the character work compelling enough that you don’t really mind.

  • Hitcher in the Dark

    Hitcher in the Dark


    Much better than usual Lenzi. There’s a lot of good character work and there’s an interesting bit of relationship between the villain and the lead that is genuinely as distressing fir us as an audience as it is for her.

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  • Zappa



    Really good but suffers what any Greatest Hits of Frank’s music suffer. There’s just too much. Much like Hamilton (the man and the show) Frank wrote and lived like he was running out of time. The stunning amount of things he did that weren’t in the movie is beyond belief - equaled only by the stunning number of things we learn he DID do from the movie.

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    Astonishingly great horror. Manages to be so much more than what you expect and do it in a visually stunning way with brilliant performances and a darker than midnight script. Probably horror movie of the year...