• This is GWAR

    This is GWAR


    139 of 2022
    4 of July

    Great, in depth bizarrely touching documentary about the scum dogs. Although oddly it avoids explaining how the members who died, well, died. I guess it’s déclassé - which clearly a documentary about a band who’s lead singer has a giant penis ejaculating blood on the audience wouldn’t deign to allow. 

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  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    148 of 2022
    3 of July

    It’s beyond comprehension how good this thing is. In the genre of “Long Kiss Goodnight” Pay Off Cinema, it may even outdo LKG! 

    Still haven’t actually watched the first one for fear that it’ll taint this one. 

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  • Buster Keaton Rides Again

    Buster Keaton Rides Again


    147 of 2022
    2 of July

    Great short documentary about grumpy genius of comedy. Seeing him years last his prime and still being, yknow, in his prime is a humbling reminder that talent never actually goes away. 

    Watched on Blu Ray 

  • Watcher



    146 of 2022
    1 of July

    Wow. Tremendous grounded thriller in the Repulsion/Don’t Look Now model. Dripping with atmosphere and a ton or two of dread on top. 

    Easily one of the best modern Giallo-esque movies of the last ten years. 

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  • Libido



    145 of 2022
    11 of June

    Terrific Giallo in the Diabolique vein with twist after twist after twist. Being in black and white (apparently for cost reasons) is a bummer as the art direction is spectacular. 

    It feels like a progenitor of the things to come in the genre despite not being all that far ahead of any of the core Giallo flicks. 

    Starts a little slow — has a very early 60’s by way of Polanski feel to it, but once the double crosses start flying it really gets going. 

    Watched on Blu Ray by Severin Films

  • Deadly Friend

    Deadly Friend


    Movie 144 of 2022
    10 of June. 

    Oofa. Some movies you can just hear the pitch in the room and the lack of questions being asked. 

    Like — should ET, the Terminator, Frankenstein, and a teenage sex comedy all be put together in one movie?

    The answer is no. Not even with Wes Craven at the helm. It’s interesting to watch his failures because while his successes REALLY work, his failures are… epic. SHOCKER comes to mind as nearly unwatchable,…

  • Revealer



    143 of 2022
    9 of June

    I’m somewhat unfairly biased as my old buddy Tim co-wrote this. It’s a ton of fun and twists and turns in all sorts of whackadoo ways. 

    It’s never too bleak, always funny, and has a particularly warm heart for a movie with this many penis-y snake monsters. 

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  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

    Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


    142 of 2022
    8 of June

    Holy shit. Well this is the surprise of the year for me thus far. Deceptively sweet and adorable at the top, it was so emotionally powerful by the end that I was sobbing uncontrollably. 

    With work from the Chiodo Brothers on the animation (yes the Killer Clowns guys), stunning vocal performances by Jenny Slate and Isabella Rossellini, and a level of verisimilitude that is beyond confusing considering it’s a mockumentary about a talking shell with shoes. 

    Please. Go see it. Like. Now. 

    Watched on a tiny screen in a reasonably comfortable AMC Theater in Burbank. 

  • Hospital Massacre

    Hospital Massacre


    141 of 2022
    7 of June

    A weird protoslasher that seemingly figured it’s plot out while it was being spoken. Not while filmed — as the would imply someone thinking through scenes even an hour or two ahead of time. 

    Still a ton of fun with one of the weirdest and least erotic nude scenes (that is actually supposed to be erotic) I’ve seen in years. 

    Watched on 4K UltraHD Blu Ray from Vinegar Syndrome

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    140 of 2022
    6 of June 

    Really good intimate horror that really has the feel of not just Joe Hill’s best fiction, but his dad’s work too. 

    I think probably the biggest criticism is it does that “set up a dozen things which then all payoff in a grand final scheme” thing. But it’s a fun ride getting to that final set piece all the same. 

    Lots of fun, and the kids and Ethan Hawks are really terrific. 

    On the big screen at the Alamo Downtown LA. 

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    138 of 2022
    4 of June

    This thing is a thousand times better than it has any business being. Really. It’s weird how great it is. 

    In an Imax theater. 

  • Thriller: A Cruel Picture

    Thriller: A Cruel Picture


    139 Of 2022
    5 Of June

    Drips with Tarantino — or I suppose Tarantino drips with it. Messy, brutal, and extremely weird — this is one of those movies I’ve seen so many clips from I assumed I’d seen it before but this was actually the first time. 

    Very much an I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE-a-like (although again, technically it’s the other way around) it’s brutal and bleak and completely joyless. It makes Bergman’s PERSONA seem like a joyful romp. …