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  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums

    Rewatched during a recent flight. 

    I adore The Royal Tenenbaums. I love the characters, I love the cinematography, I love the soundtrack and score, and I love the script. 

    Wes Anderson isn’t my favorite director because he’s quirky or quaint or weird, it’s because of how delicately he can balance and blend offbeat comedy, crushing sadness, quiet beauty, and more — sometimes all in the same scene. 

    Gene Hackman is incredible as Royal Tenenbaum, setting the standard for the flawed…

  • Parasite


    Went to see this again because twice wasn’t enough, and because Bong Joon-Ho gave one of the best acceptance speeches I’ve ever heard when he won Best Director. 

    Imagine crafting a film as sharp as Parasite. Imagine writing, directing, and helping to edit scenes as pitch-perfect as the one where Mr. Kim finds a napkin in the trash can. Imagine guiding a wonderful cast through scenes of slapstick comedy, crushingly relevant social commentary, and unhinged madness, and keeping it all…

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    This really didn’t work for me. Everything I love about Han Solo as a character is missing, and the things that the film chooses to focus on all feel arbitrary and contrived when compared to the more nuanced portrayal Harrison Ford gave in the original Star Wars movies. Since The Force Awakens was released, subtlety and nuance in general seem to be missing from the films, and while I know the concept of subtlety can sound absurd in a series about…

  • Silence



    Martin Scorsese's Silence is a haunting, thoughtful meditation on faith, suffering, pride, and the nature of God. From the first frame to the last, Scorsese's vision of two priests in Japan is foreboding and harrowing, but also beautiful and occasionally uplifting. 

    Repeatedly described as a swamp, the film's depiction of Japan is ominous and foreboding. The oppressive nature of the inquisitors encroaches from all sides, and even a bright sunny day offers no comfort for the protagonists or the audience.…