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  • Luca



    While Luca does have a somewhat basic plot, I feel it does enough with some other aspects to feel pretty different from most Pixar movies. 

    The cast is decent and the script is pretty on par with most average animated movies I’ve seen. However, the best part of Luca is easily the animation. It just fees like such a unique art style compared to anything Pixar has released before. The gorgeous pastel colours are just so bright and vibrant and the design…

  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    While the movie overall is terrible, here’s some standouts.

    1. The way it was shot it looked like a 90 minute SNL skit that didn’t even try to be funny. For a movie with some decent posters it seems that’s where they used up all of the budget for visuals. 

    2. They didn’t even attempt to do any twists that weren’t obvious from the very beginning. You see everything coming the whole time. 

    3. The writing was so unoriginal and…

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  • Halloween



    It was such a great decision to make this a direct sequel to the original and ignore the many bad sequels. This the best possible way to make a sequel to such an iconic horror film. 

    There are a few standouts with the cast. Jamie Lee Curtis is perfect as Laurie Strode again and definitely feels like the same character but older and is very obviously still affected by the events of 40 years ago. I love that while they…

  • Dolemite Is My Name

    Dolemite Is My Name


    While this was a pretty basic biopic in the formula it used, what really elevated it was Eddie Murphy’s outstanding performance. I truly have not seen him this great in forever and I’m so happy he came back for something he is clearly very passionate about because it truly shows on screen.