Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Going into this film I was quite excited just because it wasn't Tarantino's third western in a row. I was expecting it to still be pretty similar to his last few movies though with violence and action most of the way through the movie. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was a lot like some of his older films that really take the time to build up for a while so you care more when all the action kicks off.

I really loved so many parts of the film that it feels pointless to go on about how great every aspect is. The direction, cinematography, score and soundtrack, and editing are all really top notch. However all of these great things were no match for the outstanding performances. Not only were all the side chapters all terrific in their own way, but the three leads were just fantastic.

Margot Robbie's Sharon Tate is so different than what I was expecting it to be. Instead of jamming her into the main story and taking advantage of her horrible murder, they gave us an amazing tribute to the wonderful person Tate was and just let us enjoy seeing her live her life.

Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth is probably his best and most fun role since Inglourious Basterds. He seems like such a chill and cool guy most of the time but there are a few moments when he just snaps and shows and badass and clever he can be when you least expect it.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton is probably his best performance to date. There are just so many layers to his character and while it can be funny to see how pathetic he can be, seeing his wide range of emotions really made me connect to him and I honestly could not believe how great he was here.

Getting to see older Hollywood shown in such a loving yet melancholy way was just so fun to watch. This movie takes its time but in the best way possible and I really did not want it to end. But when it reaches that 163rd minute I realised how perfect of an ending it was and I was almost in tears due to the great way it handled a real life tragedy. I will be watching this one many times for years to come.