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  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    hey kids, remember Fright Night and the Burbs? So did the people who watched Stranger Things and then made this movie.

    It's fine. Those other things are much better.

  • Upgrade


    “I see that. We have a knife too”

    Sold to me as “a better version of Venom” (which we all know was SO much better than it ever should have been) Upgrade, from the director of “Insidious 3” is a movie ripped off from a [far superior] episode of Batman: The Animated Series that Leigh Wannell saw in the early 90s. Seriously, he’s eight years older than me. I remembered that shit immediately.

    The episode is a two-parter called “Heart…

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  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok

    I loved the first 8 minutes of this movie. The rest... are nine tonally different segmented parts that can best be described as "PG Planet Hulk meets What we Do in the Shadows as parodied by Sesame Street and packaged for five year olds."

    I knew to expect Planet Hulk going in. It was shame knowing that my favorite Avenger and one of my favorite Marvel characters would be side-lined in his own movie, and for a ripoff of a…

  • Dunkirk


    We had FIVE walk outs in our theater.

    "Sarah Connor was Mistaken": Dunkirk- A SPOILER FREE review

    You’ve seen the score and by now either left an angry react on facebook/an angry comment on Letterboxd, or I piqued your curiosity into the how and why.

    Before we get to that, I’m going to give you the GOOD; hell the GREAT. If you follow my reviews regularly, (thank you), you know I only tackle the Objective, and never give or remove…