BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

Truly an unbelievable story and a fantastic film. The story on its own is pretty damn crazy, but that craziness is really conveyed well throughout the film.
John David Washington really channeled his father and put on a hell of a performance. He and Adam Driver should split awards for their performances as Ron Stallworth.
Shoutout to Topher Grace for really bodying the role of David Duke.
Another major highlight was the writing which was really rich and moving. 

The shit you see about the KKK is almost unbelievable. Almost.
Seeing the real life footage at the end of the movie of recent atrocities reminds us how prevalent these issues STILL ARE. For this reason I believe this movie is the most powerful film of the year so far and it’s so important that everyone sees it ASAP.

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