Eighth Grade ★★★★★

Truly, truly beautiful, while at the same time, painfully hard to watch, but that's what makes this movie so special.
Eight Grade is an absolute triumph for Bo Burnham who displays incredible talent as a filmmaker. This film had me laughing my ass off one minute to completely shook at another. The range of emotions is so important in a movie like this because it draws such good parallels to real life and its ups and downs. 
Kayla is such a relatable character and a lot of this is due to the great performance from Elsie Fisher. The character was so well written but she absolutely killed it. 
As someone who was definitely super fucking awkward in middle school (shocking, I know) and still kind of awkward now, this movie really hit me hard. I think the reason this movie is being received so well is because of how universally relatable it really is. Tons of people have had experiences similar to these at some point or another in life and seeing this movie instantly brought me back to the feelings I had in those moments. This was an incredibly powerful and cathartic experience. 
While the experience of middle schoolers today is wildly different than my own because of the prominence of social media, the core pieces are still the same, and they always will be. That  is why a movie that is "so 2018" will remain relevant for generations to come.
Shoutout Josh Hamilton for that great monologue at the end and shout-out that kid Gabe for being a fucking boss.

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