Rocketman ★★★★

I hate to compare movies in a review, but the comparison here to BoRhap is obvious, and much needed, due to how much better this movie is in all regards.
Regardless of how you feel about Queen or Elton John, you cannot deny that this movie was just executed much better. 
Starting with it's leading man, Taron Egerton. Man was he fantastic in this. His acting was top notch and his singing was unbelievable. This is how music biopics should be done. Hate to say it, but Rami Malek could never. 
The narrative was structured really well and it felt like we were flowing through Elton's life as opposed to jumping around to important moments.
Bryce Dallas Howard and Jamie Bell offer fantastic support.
On top of all these positives, the movie also gains a lot from it's fantastic music. Elton John is obviously a legend and his music is incredible, but the way it's used in this movie is what makes it so great. I greatly appreciated that the filmmakers took a more ambitious approach to throwing all the songs in. The musical numbers throughout are pretty powerful and work really well.
Overall I was very impressed with this film. It probably won't win the awards BoRhap did but damn does it deserve them.

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