The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie ★★★★★

For as thoroughly franchised as the Muppets have become, this remains a miraculously sweet, personal, heartfelt film-- from the astonishing homemade pleasures of the puppets themselves to the abundance of dad jokes*, the tender-hearted showtunes**, and the spirit of playfulness*** that animates the whole thing. It's a road movie, a buddy movie, a movie about movies-- but ultimately, it's a great film about being called to creative pursuit, and about chasing a dream within the context of a community.

* The film is likely not credited enough for how uproariously funny it is; its jokes-per-minute ratio doesn't quite reach Airplane! levels, but it's close.

** I'll go on record: This movie has my favorite songs of any musical.

*** Only Winnie-the-Pooh rivals it as a children's movie that really captures the spirit of play.

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