2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Viewed in IMAX 

I forgot to log this last night, but I’ve been frozen in awe at it since I left the theater that night. 
Seeing Stanley Kubrick’s game-changing massive proportional epic in the theater is something to behold. 
And getting the chance to view this in IMAX honestly felt like a reward I didn’t deserve. 

It’s so haunting, so massive, so beautiful! 
It’s everything film should be. 

Everything about it kept me intrigued till the very fucking end. 
When the primates touched the monolith…I was frozen. 
When HAL kills Poole…I was shocked. 
When he enters the fucking Infinite!!!!!………

The entirety of the Beyond the Infinte and to the end, I was actually trembling. 
I was shaking, horrified. 
My eyes were wide and my hands were covering my face. 
So. Goddamn. Beautiful. 

I had not watched this all the way through since 2015, guys! And Jesus Christ, this WAS an experience I’ll remember. 
So this’ll be considered a first-time watch. 

And Ligeti : Reqiuem : II Kyrie is the most haunting piece of music I’ve ever heard. 

Guys, this impacted me much more than it should’ve. 
Thank you IMAX

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