Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale ★★★★½

One of the most thrilling theater experiences I've had in a while. 
Such a classic feel, and I could definitely see this being a 50s drive-in type film. 

I didn’t think Drew was gonna top The Cabin in the Woods, but holy fucking shit, I was WRONG. 
He ups the ante completely in terms of style, story, acting, and directing. 

The entire cast is phenomenal, but the true standouts for me were Bridges, Hemsworth, and Pullman. 
Not one character was wasted or pointless, as it all ties in everything together perfectly. 
Imagine The Hateful 8, expect…better. 

The story was told in such a way, that saying non-chronological just doesn’t seem right. 
Everything’s happening all at once, but it’s not jumbled, and it all eventually makes sense, as Goddard forces you to pay attention to what could happen next. 

It legitimately got scary at times, as the unpredictability of it all leads to some twists and turns that would frighten the shit out of the audience, and the gorgeous long takes and quick-cut edits had me glued to screen. 
Goddard, you sly bastard. 

Praise the lord for original films. 

I have done horrible things. 

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